To celebrate the 150th anniversary of Canada, internationally recognized psychic and star of A&E's hit show Psychic Kids: Children of the Paranormal and Paranormal State, Chip Coffey travels coast to coast on his Coffey Talk tour!

Chip will be in select Canadian cities to talk about his personal life, paranormal stories, offer guidance about individuals abilities, discuss what life is like being a psychic and to answer your general questions.

Chip will then conduct both psychic and mediumship readings for randomly selected people in the audience.

Take this unique experience to the next level with an opportunity to meet Chip accompanied with a one-on-one photo. Those looking for the VIP experience will stick around for the spirit communication / investigation at the end of the evening. Chip will use tactics to establish communication with any spirits that reside in or around the venue. Guests are welcome to bring their own investigative tools in order to participate in the investigation. (Please leave noise making devices at home.)
  1. Nova Scotia
    Nova Scotia
  2. Prince Edward Island
    Prince Edward Island
  3. New Brunswick
    New Brunswick
  1. Ontario
  2. Ontario
  3. British Columbia
    British Columbia